Yvenne’s History

On 7th September 2019, Niccur and Yvenne competed in Madva Elimination competition where Yvenne, a new comer artist defeated him to proceed to the next stage of Madva Elimination Competition. Yvenne met Swinnertone during the Madva Elimination competition and Yvenne managed to move on to the Semi finals of the competition on 14th September 2019. Yvenne went to the Semi Finals of the Madva Elimination competitions on 21st September 2019 and he managed to defeat Bard Mwendwa to secure his chance at the Madva finals. Yvenne met Kelvin for the Elimination championship at the Madva finals on 28th September 2019. Yvenne was able to defeat Kelvin by a vote and he headed to represent Madva at the Madva Grand Competition 2019.

Yvenne competed against Prime and Dennis on 12th October 2019. He managed to defeat them but because he was being featured at the Madva Grand Competition, Dennis who took the second place replaced him for the upcoming Madva competition for the Artists title. Yvenne, the Elimination competition champion and Sincere competed against each other for the title. Sincere managed to win the title and become the Madva Title first title champion. On 25th January 2020, Dennis competed against Yvenne and Felix; he successfully defended his title. On 22nd February 2020, Dennis competed against Kelvin and Yvenne. He was able to defeat them and defend his title successfully. On 18th April 2020, Dennis competed against Kelvine and Yvenne and he managed to defend his title. Dennis competed against Yvenne and Felix for the Madva Artists title on 16th May 2020 and he managed to defend his title successfully. On 20th June 2020, Dennis defended his Madva arts title against Yvenne and Felix which he successfully defended.

On 22nd August 2020, Yvenne competed against Velly and Phinick. He managed to win the contest. On 5th September 2020, Yvenne had a contest against Swinnertone which he won to the next phase of the Madva Elimination contest 2020. On 12th September 2020, Gracie defeated Yvenne for the next phase of the Madva Elimination contest.

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