Your Turn Wanjiku (Richy)

Today we have Wanjiku,
Speak, and they listen to you,
Say something little,
For it’s a day for you to say it too,


Wanjiku, you chose them,
Last time without a problem,
They said; they shall raise your emblem,
and they will not play a game,


Wanjiku; is it this history?
Does that repeat itself like a story?
You choose they sideline you without a worry,
And you cheer and clap; so sorry

Wanjiku I haven’t finished,
My questions are polished,
Tribalism have they abolished?
Nepotism? Racism? I’m still astonished!


Wanjiku, now I give you a turn,
Speak and never run,
Who do you support under the sun,
Is it your daughter or son?
And never make a pun,

“I choose my country!
That’s my concern!”
Wanjiku shot a gun!

This is Richy’s, Poem. Click on the provided name below to view the other Notable’s content.
Sam Sly’s Poem


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