Your Biggest Fear (Lucid)

What is your biggest fear? A question that generates answers worth different flavors in our current generation. More or so this majorly concerns about dreams. We are currently living in the age that we all go to sleep, wake and realize we are dreaming big no more. Well, we all know the kind of dreams am speaking of, right? You know, the problem is not only that we actually don’t have the motive behind having dreams but also we lack basic foundation of support to them.

At this season people are selfish enough to rebuke people’s ambitions and dreams.
And at this point,this is where at the zigzag crazy paths along our streets,you will find our youngster indulged in much law offending acts for example thefts.The men in blue will be jogging after them every minute. Bullets will be our kid’s direct entry to their course(cause) death because cluster points they already have cluster points of the injustice league.Now what is your biggest fear,is it dreaming no more or having a dream at infinity?

Here is Lauren’s Article

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