Writer’s Block (Niccur)

I’m on a writers block,
Continuous flashes of your smile I keep seeing,
slowly torturing me from the inside
The fact is, you’re miles away and I can’t hold you
I need you near and I need you here
Somehow we are connected,
constantly in sync
A minute I would kill for just to have you right next to me

I’ve never run out of words for a masterpiece
Countless emotions I feel yet I can’t express
Dozens of poems I would normally write with so many feelings intact
But with you, I don’t know this exact feeling
So I have no clue what to write

I have you, I own your entire being
yet I feel so incomplete
Strange isn’t it? Cause you complete me
Many words I keep erasing as I write this piece
cause somehow they sound too cliché
My feelings I try to pour onto this paper yet they feel unworthy to describe you

A lot of love stories I’ve read,
seen and lived yet what I feel for you feels so unfamiliar
You make me question my past loves
if they were ever love at all
You rule all my emotions
You are the center of my joy and sorrow
My smile sits on your smile and my world crumbles when your single tear hits the ground

You are my ride or die, my future wife
That sounds a bit cliché but I mean it
I would go over and beyond for you,
be what you want me to be just to see a smile on your face”Why?”
I ask myself sometimes when I doubt your love.
But a definite answer strikes me when I’m around you
“You are worth going over and beyond for.”

This is not a love letter but I hope I get a reply……….

Here is Bard Mwendwa’s poem

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