Words (Sam Sly)


The ‘word’ has a very powerful meaning behind it. Words are extremely powerful tools that we can use to uplift our personal energy and improve our lives, though we are often not conscious of the words we speak, read and expose ourselves to. Yes, even the words of others can easily affect our personal vibrations.Words have power. Their meaning crystallizes perceptions that shape our beliefs, drive our behavior, and ultimately create our world. Their power arises from our emotional responses we read, speak or hear them. Words can cause deaths that bullets never would. Today people use words to tear others into shreds. 


They cut deeper than any razor could. Hatred never came naturally, it comes from words. From the hatred and the word “superiority” caused the great wars of the world. Words are eggshells that we walk on every day, but when they break, so do we. Words are the glue to fix broken hearts and also bring people together. Words are of particular concern when we consider a phenomenon called Illusion of Truth Effect. It basically proves that any statement we read, see, hear or speak regularly is seen as more valid than one we are exposed to occasionally. Amazingly, it makes no difference whether the statement is true or false. The only thing that matters is how often we are exposed to it but at the end of the day they are just words. You can choose what words you use. They can be the difference between life and death.

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