Windstorms of Poverty(Prime)


The Review:

What I can be able to see here in this art are strong winds. They are hitting a grain store, wrecking a hut, crushing a fence, and breaking a pot. A boy viewed holding on. 

He fears that the winds might take him.

Water is splashing down in a stream from the broken pot. Trees are bending because of the strong wind.

The art shows disgust, sadness, and fear. It’s disgusting to see the boy hold on to the hut as the winds hit his home. The boy from a poor background cannot afford a home that can withstand the strong winds.

It is sad to see a home wrecked by the wind. As seen, we can’t be sure that the boy will survive. The trees cannot be able to stop or reduce the strength of the wind.

I think that the artist tries to show how a poor boy cannot withstand the storm. There is nowhere he could have run to once the storm had hit him.

The painted art was done by Prime for Madva contest. Prime was a member of the Madva Notables and he has submitted some of his work for the Madva competitions.

View more of Prime’s arts exclusively on the Madva website

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