Why Hyenas Don’t Hunt (Franko)

Desmond was going back home from school. His teacher had asked them who they really look up to when they grow up. And so many students said their mom, others, their dad some said various celebrities. When it was his turn, Desmond was confused. The teacher asked him to go home and think, then the following home he will give an answer.

Getting home he met his grandfather who sat below a tree smoking tobacco. On seeing Desmond his grandfather called Desmond and asked him what was he thinking about. “Grandpa, the teacher asked me to think of anyone who I look up to. I really don’t know and the teacher just can’t understand that. He has asked me to tell him the answer tomorrow.”

His grandfather laughed softly then kept the tobacco away. Then he looked at Desmond straight in the eyes and began to pour his wise words to him.

“My child, do you know why a hyena always eat remnants of animals hunted by lions?  It’s simply because hyena don’t have visions. Look, not that hyenas are weak to hunt, not that they don’t have techniques to hunt for they have seen lion doing that before, it’s just because hyena feels it can’t hunt and lions should. And hyena will end up eating the carcass.

My son having someone who you really admire is not an offence. The problem is when you do nothing to surpass them. If hyenas would start hunting using lion’s technique and adding its own techniques then it would probably be the king of the jungle. Look up to someone who is higher and better than you, either in school, sports, music or anything and make sure you become better than them. But as long as you look up to someone and do nothing to become better than them then you are like hyena waiting for carcass from animals hunted by lion. ” by that he was done and went back to smoke his tobacco.

Desmond left knowing the answer he would give the following day.

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