What is Creativity (Donnel)

The term creativity is defined as making new concepts between old ideas or recognizing relationship between concepts. Creative thinking is taking what is already present and combining those bits been done before. Otherwise being creative is not easy.

I would like to share with you a bit of the creative process for your creativity to be the best. First, one needs to gather information which directly relate to your creativity. You should be equipped with wide range of concepts. 
Secondly, one should work thoroughly on the gathered materials in his/her mind. Here you look the facts with different angles and fit them wisely.

After all,  you can put the issue from your mind and tend to think anything else apart from all these ideas. After some time the idea will come to you with a renewed energy. Finally you should release the idea to the world, submit it to criticism and adapt it as needed. 

Here is Dennis’s Art

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