Valid Dreams (Lucky)

On my shoulders
I bear the weight of the world
On my shoulders are wings
I can travel the world
On my shoulders, you can build a house
There is enough ground
My shoulders feel proud
But my shoulders are hurt
On my shoulders could be sawdust

Daring to dream is sleep depriving
I sleep and think I am driving
Crazy is what am driving
They laugh when you are striving
They’ll kill you when you start thriving
I sleep and dream of abroad
I sleep and want to board
I have to board a boat
I want to board and stay afloat
I have to board for I have no float
I want my crew aboard
They are more than friends
They are more of prophets
They will keep me afloat
I want to board once all is set

Here is Bard Mwendwa’s Poem, Phinick’s Poem

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