Uncaged Bird (Bard Mwendwa)

Fly away white dove,
Be free to life.

It’s a mans world
white and all black,
Driven by women
colorful and all bright.
The magnets that bring life,
Close and all lively,
Pink fairy tale bliss
the spice that makes life worth it.

Fly away white dove
Be free to life,

you bring out the love
a blossoming tranquil flower,
The smiles brighten up a day,
since slavery to civilisation today.
Uncaged bird of relief,
fly away white dove
the world needs you joyous
you hold it close and bound together.

Fly away white dove
Be free to life.

It’s a mad world,
Crazy,evil and selfish,
So, if a white dove flys your way today
keep it white and don’t tarnish her wings,
Let her fly and will make your life a bliss.

White dove of the dark world,
Be free,flap your wings higher
Free to love, free to life.

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