True Meaning (Sam Sly)

Once upon a time, love had meant something in society. Love life was easy since each partner played a different role as everyone brought something to the table.

Ones I met a lady whom I decided to take my shot on. Hoping everything would be ok without bearing in mind that karma is out there watching closely. Life was simple and easy. Things went on smoothly until someday she met someone who would give her the luxury she wanted.

Speaking from my guts, she got attracted to the sheer sound of notes. The notes would give her goosebumps and butterflies, yet she was a simpleton who just embraced the other side of life. She detested my love since I only had coins that would make noise to her loins.

Love changed its meaning from an affectionate feeling to money love which only a few would afford it. Men were to be loved under the condition that they must give something compared to the olden days where love was unconditional.

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