True Love (Derrick)

Shelmith and Albert were best of friends in campus. The two friends graduated and parted ways with each going to chase their dreams and live up to the society’s expectation. Shelmith secured a job in a big company and even went a step further and started her own enterprise on the other hand, things didn’t go well for Albert. He failed to secure employment and even could not cater for his needs therefore he ended up in the streets. Adding an insult to his injury he became an alcoholic.

As fate would have it, Shelmith and Albert met but only this time Shelmith recognized her long lost friend but he didn’t; for he was so drunk to notice her. Out of love for a friend Shelmith accommodated Albert in her house and even took him to a rehabilitation center. Things worked out well for Albert and he recovered from being an alcoholic. Shelmith also secured a job for him and a place to live . The two friends were in constant communication and the emotional attachment grew even more than before, after keeping in touch for up to six months their love grew and surprisingly Albert asked Shelmith for her hand in marriage and she did. Indeed their love had grown strong.

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