10 Famous Poems of the year 2020


These are the famous poems of the year 2020 worldwide written by the very best in the creative poetry industry.

The Poems are scripted by the very best of Madva in the year 2020. They are categorized by the viewership number and the love from Madva readers all over the world.

  1. Quarantines 3267+ (MIC The Student)
    Love during the curfews when Covid19 spread around the world.
  2. Showers of Blessings – 1506+ (Swinnertone)
    From one of the best Madva Notables, the poem has got the blessings it deserves. Swinnertone expresses the inner feelings of the author and how the persona feels the emotions in the poem.
  3. Hands of Death – 1268+ (Richard)
    A well-illustrated poem of an African boy and his family that was affected by the widespread of the Corona Virus in this home country.
  4. Hypocrite – 1260+ (Richard)
    This is a prayer made by a hardworking individual who succeeds in life but pride comes delivers a U-turn in his life.
  5. Heaven – 1185+ (Lucky)
    This is a wish made by the subject of humiliation. A poem that speaks the truth about the harm that the complainant is subjected to while searching for the truth and justice.
  6. Here My Writing – 815+ (Bard Mwendwa)
    The Poet gives an illustration of his motherland. Giving it praises and how the negative impact from certain communities has poisoned it.
  7. Life’s A Journey – 804+ (Swinnertone)
    A very educative poem on the life of the persona and how moving through it is somehow a thriller and everybody has to pass through it.
  8. Long Ago – 531+ (Lucky)
    A story told, expressed, and revealed by the persona of a past event with their grandparent.
  9. Summer’s Fever – 479+ (Bard Mwendwa)
    The feeling of being bankrupt after the festive have gone.
  10. They Started It – 467+ (Lucky)
    The narrator expresses the feelings hidden behind being a role model.

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