Today You Get, What About Tomorrow (Richard)

I stand here listening,
Listening to the cries,
Cries that are sadening,
Seeing the lies,
Children are hungry,
Mothers are sick,
Fathers are in a hurry,
Leaders are thick!
Why are you doing this,
Killing without mercy,
Eating without ease,
Snatching to party…

Today you get, What about tomorrow?

Money for the people,
Money for growth,
Decisions to eat single,
Forgetting your own mouth,
Your stomachs only tickle,
Only from the South!

Today you get, What about tomorrow?

It was meant for hospitals,
Doctors, Nurses and their nieces,
It was meant for schools,
Teachers, students and their nephews,
It was meant for Security,
Your own security!
It was meant for the youth,
Your own child(Sobs)!
It was meant Women and elderly,
Now you steal from your own mother!
The curse is real,
The curse is real!
The curse, is real.

Today you get, What about Tomorrow!

When sick; go abroad,
In need of education; go abroad,
When partying; go abroad,
All you hide; is abroad,

Please; don’t forget,
When up their,
The minds you have dumped are many,
The Children you have denied education are many,
The Fathers you’ve killed are many,
The Mothers you’ve denied growth are many,
The youth’s dreams you’ve killed are many,

I know you don’t care because all you see is your mouth…
One day you’ll care!

Today you get, What about Tomorrow?

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