To My Future Son (Franko)

When you are at your mother’s womb dear son kick hard especially during the evening when am from work so I may hear you after a tiresome day. Be careful of the cravings you bring to your mother. Never let her crave for my WhatsApp text messages. Be wise and let her crave for groundnuts and roasted maize. Just think as a mature fetus man.

When born ensure you cry with a loud bass for them to feel the presence of a man. When you want to say your first word it’s “papa”. At the age of seven my son make a catapult and hunt the birds. Be accurate.

At the age of 16 be free and tell me the girl you fell in love with. I will be your number one advisor. When you are heartbroken I will give you a shoulder to lean on and tell you before I met your mom I was not only heartbroken but also liver and kidney broke and it’s part of life. I won’t deny you a chance to love, for how you feel is important, but I will deny you a chance to mess.

My son when you are ready to marry I’ll tell you to have a woman who knows how to cook so that you would not end up having a soft drink as supper every day. And during your wedding please don’t kiss your bride so deep remember I’ll be watching.

My son when your wife is pregnant with a baby boy. Just tell the matured fetus man what I have told you and let the generation follow the thread. One more last thing my son never let your son raised by his mom alone when you are still alive. He will forget you and you will live to regret. Be like I, your dad, intelligent, wise, caring, loving, a man who takes care of his responsibility and most importantly a crazy dad.

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