Thing is (Bard Mwendwa)

Thing is,
Your whole life is
up to this moment,
not a second next
but at this exact minute,
The next is only inevitable to the unknown.


Thing is,
The world has been indulged in religion,
then into the existence of a supreme being,
Do you believe in a greater power than yourself?
Blood and chaos, Debates on who’s god is great
and all for what, a thrill of satisfaction
or a fortune gain?


Thing is,
Love is a riddle for fools,
None solved it
yet all try to enjoy it, pathetic right?
Pure and dear was slight and true
beautiful and blissful,
now it’s all money hounds and lustful whores,
Real is fading to rare.


Thing is,
We only growing older, not younger.

Thing is,
We focussing on what we want
rather than appreciating what we got
as we work towards what we want.
Competition on who gets their first
instead of helping each other up.


Thing is,
We are evolving,
We are learning,
We should try loving
and hear this,
believing and often smiling.


Thing is,
We are who we are,
Either we accept change
or be the change.

It all starts with you.

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