They Started It (Lucky)

When they started looking up to me
I stopped living as a person, my life changed
I became a product, an item of trade

When they started looking up to me
My insides trembled, my heart became frail
I had a lot to look down to,
A role model looks down too

When they started looking up to me
My life changed
I felt exposed, my insides felt outside
Behind every face is a story,
Yet there are stories,
That seemed darker than the tone on my face
Tales I hid behind my complexion

They saw me as a prophet
Indeed, I was ahead of my time
But It is like the future was hidden to me too
They cried to me in times of despair
I was their soldier
I fought my demons and combated my weakness
Yet sometimes,
I threw in the towel and succumbed to my ego

I cannot look up to Steve jobs
He is a man; he can trip and fall too

I smile after crying, I know I’ve made mistakes
And still, I listened to myself
That’s where I seek solace

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