They Spilled Our Milk (Bard Mwendwa)

The well’s running dry,
Under the scorching sun
Scrambling for the last drops
The thirst is drying our throats,
Our bellies are merely full
grumbling to the orchestrated hunger,
They spilled our milk,
From where shall we now drink ?

It’s been months,
Walking under the unkown,
Believing only what’s told,
Doubts, left out to the lying cold,
But here we are oncemore.

A few more strides,
There lies an oasis,
A haven of tranquility
Hidden by the gluttonous,
For us to be fed the left overs.

They said time heals all wounds,
But we scarred to this pain,
Penned down in history’s books,
To survive we shall,
To be read in a blissful future,
Till then,lets be hopeful in believing.

For they spilled our milk,
Let them not drain our hope too,
To heal we shall,
Overcoming all ordeals,
We shall rise once again.

Someday not so far away.

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