The Worst Nightmare (Trine)

Growing up was always something I looked up to when I was young , but I guess I never knew all it came along with. It was never all about increase in number of age, size and gradual change in one’s life. I thought that being an adult was sugar, spice and everything nice, that being an adult you had to be a perfect person with no scars or skeletons in your closet. I mean everything looked epic when I saw all the adults I was surrounded with at my younger age, and so it was my dream to grow fast and put my life in place just like all the goddesses I admired who lived unapologetic-ally .


Now, here I am,  a teenager and already seeing how wrong I was and the real deal is that life is not butter exposed to heat as I had thought. It’s brutal, its devastating,  its horrific but it can still be charming at some point. I have come to think of it; the muddled truth is that the bad times are more than the good times. I’ve always been a timid person who fears pain and loss;  I fear failure but that’s just part of the dimension that life has to offer. I know I’m yet to see more but I don’t know if am ready to embrace all that comes; but if I was to choose I would rather be forever young than have my dream that turned to be a worst nightmare. Anyway,  as I lay on my bed I yearn to see another day because better days are coming.

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