The Worst Nightmare (Lauren)

My sleep was cut short after what seemed to be a nightmare turned out to be a reality. Ever thought of loosing a loved one, then here is my worst nightmare;

I picked up my phone and rung my best friend Sasha inviting her for lunch and as expected she agreed. We spent the better part of our day playing games and swimming and latter had our lunch. At about 6:00 pm we parted, each one of us going back to our respective homes. While at home I went through my gallery viewing the pictures we took and indeed it was a day worth living. At around 11:00 pm that night, I received a phone call;
“Sasha is dead!! She was involved in a road accident on her way back home,” It was something that my ears never wanted to hear but the person on the other side of the phone call surprisingly spoke it out. Without even saying hi, without even trying to capture my memories in to what she was going to tell me. It was like a big bang and their! The information sunk in to my skull wondering what I was to do at that moment.

I was confused; was I to cry get shocked, scream or just lay their on my bed my mouth agape. A nightmare I wish I could be woken up from.

Here is Trine’s and Xavier’s articles.

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