The Tenth Valley (Doro)


Once upon a time, long ago. When the sun used to laugh as the rain cried, lived a young girl Moragwa, with her sick mother in a secluded hut in the valley of Chizomwo, East of the Kingdom of Meka.

The little girl loved her mother so much. She prayed for her mother to be well. Her mother’s health deteriorated day after day even though she had tried all herbs she knew to heal her mother’s sickness.


One morning, her sick mother called her to her hut. She came. She sat next to her mother, wondering why she called her, “My daughter, I’m weak, and my health is not coming back,” she said.

“I want you to do a task for me, go to the tenth valley on the east of our hut and collect me a flower. Once you get the flower, bring it home, and I’ll be waiting here to give you my last blessings.”


Moragwa did not hesitate; she left the hut after preparing her mother enough food for the summer because she knew the food would take that long for her mission to be complete.

The first valley was easy to pass because it had shallow rivers and few predators. The second valley had fierce villagers who loved fighting. She made clothes from goatskin and passed through the village unnoticeably.

The third valley had a canopy forest. Moragwa tracked paths that trailed before till she reached an open land. The fourth valley had snakes Moragwa made fire using stones, lit a log, and made a touch. She dispersed the venomous snakes using the Touch till she reached the fifth valley.


On the fifth valley, the rivers were hollow. Moragwa cut down a tree using an ax she made from a stone. The tree fell to the shore of the other side, and she passed.

On the sixth valley, she met an aged woman wearing a hat. She asked her, “Hello, my daughter,” she answered, “Hello, Ma!” The old woman looked at her and said, “You look familiar. I looked like you when I was young. Where are you going?”


Moragwa looked at the old woman and said, “I’m going to the tenth valley from my home, East of the Kingdom of Meka. I’m going to get medicine for my mother.” The aged woman smiled at her, and she said,

“I am the one you are searching. Take me to your mother, and I will heal her,” Moragwa looked at the old lady and said, “No! My mother said must go to the tenth valley to get her the flower that will heal her,”

She immediately left the old lady and headed to the seventh valley. On the seventh valley she met the same old woman, “Hello my daughter,” the old woman greeted her. She did not answer her this time. She knew it was a trap.


She went to the eighth and the ninth valley and all she found on the way was the old woman. She walked her way to the tenth valley and when she reached there she was surprised to still find the old woman there.

“Hello, Ma?” she greeted her in surprise, “Hello, my daughter. She said. What are you looking for?” She asked her again, “I’m looking for a flower, to heal my mother’s sickness,” she told the old woman.


The old woman did not look at her this round. She stretched her hand as she gave Moragwa the flower and said, “You are the brightest girl I have ever met in my life. You are my blood.

I had sent your mother the same mission you have come here for. Your mother is going to be fine. Go back to your mother and give her this flower and tell her that you met Her!”

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