The Story of Time & Love (Velly)

A long time ago, there was a big island where all the feelings co-existed;Happiness, sadness, love and all the others. The island had been there for so many centuries and as nature would have it, it began to sink. All the feelings were required to evacuate before they got swept away and so they began to construct rafts as a means to escape from the island.

Love however decided she was going to hold out until the very last moment.When love finally felt that she was in grave danger she decided to ask for assistance. Unfortunately, alot of time had gone by and she couldn’t build a raft with such little time. She therefore rested on the hope that one of the feelings would help her.

Vanity was among the last to leave, and when love asked for assistance, he said his grand raft was full of gold and that there was no no space left for love. Sadness also passed by but he was so sad he needed to be alone in the raft. Love was beginning to panic then happiness passed by, but happiness was so happy she couldn’t even hear love’s cry for help.

Love had lost all hope, when suddenly an elderly feeling lend her a hand. Love was so thrilled she forgot to ask where they were headed. When they reached dry land, the elderly went on his own way. “who are you and why did you help me?” shouted love. “I’m time,” said the elderly smiling, “I only helped you because only time has the capacity to fathom just how much love is,” he added. 

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