The Star News (Borner Bes)

I look at the stars,
That fill the sky,
Shining brightly during the nighttime.
I try to trace them during the day,
but I can’t see anything.
Where do the stars go?
What is left to shine on the world?


Nothing is left.
But I see one,
A big star; shining so bright,
The world sees its use and importance,
It also rains the juice for it resembles a black bass,
It brings everything to life,


Keeping everyone so alive,
Many are the best things it offers,
Some are the few bad things it offers.
Who will appreciate this great star,
It provides everything,
It is a great; big star that’s appreciated,
For its uses are never appreciated,
But it’s always cursed, for very bad and burning.
But who will appreciate this big star if they only see its bad offers,
It’s only me,
Me alone

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Borner Bes is a poet who joined Madva on July 2021. He desires to grow at Madva by creating poems to the Madva readers. He is talented in creating motivational poems. Keep coming back at Madva and see more of his upcoming work

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