The Silver Platter (Swinnertone)

Life can be sweet, 
life can be good,
life can be stupendous,
full of joy, happiness, success,victory, prosperity and all.
Life can be sour,life can be bitter,
life is full of temptation,
full of wrong choices,lonely days, tough times, crying nights…
name it all.
But I have faced it all,
I have seen the head and the tail of the coin.
And now I know.
I have faced the face of depression,
fought with tragedy,
and even  painted in a world of darkness.
You tell me which is worse…
Watching her loosing it all
to that guy he met only two hours ago in the club,
she knew I loved her.
Wait, what about loosing the person who gave birth to you
without even a goodbye,
No I guess also loosing that one friend that really mattered to you
in an inferno is worse,
Uh wait I forgot,
was it a gang of five or six that made my sister bed ridden for three months,
that made her hate all men including me.
Uh! I forgot it’s your choice to decide,
which is worse.
But then let me not say I have not seen the good side of life,
Watching Papa recover from cancer,
getting to get that grade I have always dreamed of,
securing that chance in my dream university,
being loved by the one I love…
What can I say ,
I have seen the two sides of a coin.
But then here I am,
Lost in a word of thoughts,
Pen and paper my refuge again.
I mourn I have lost a gift,
that gift that only she was supposed to have when I say I DO,
probably ten years down the line.
I mourn ,
I have failed to read that book that only matters in life,
I have failed to channel my communication with the source of my wisdom,
I mourn my joy and achievement have turned me less into what my learned audience see ,
If only I could paint the picture…
My life is a mess,
even with this large thick glasses,
I can only see roughly 750 meters away.
I cannot see through the thickness and thinness of life as it is,
I don’t about tomorrow yet everyday I mess it up badly,
I can’t tell when my longs will stop taking in this Free gas,
Yet I live everyday like tomorrow doesn’t exist,YOLO.
And I hate when they tell me I am loosing it all,
I hate when they remind me of all the good days,
of how good I was,Of I hated all that I do now.
I give it a deaf ear but deep inside it burns,
I wish to be free but I don’t know how,
I wish to be me,
but I still like this me.
I want to break out where Heist risker couldn’t.
I want to get back to the old joyful me,
Where life made sense.
I am a shuttered glass,
man cannot mend,the inner voice can…
So before you doze off in your bed
and remember to say Amen in the morning,
before wiping out those tears in your prayer
and saying an amen,
Before you finish whispering to your maker…
Please Pray for me.
Local man on his own cannot fathom nor withstand the fight.
I thought it was all served on a silver platter.

Here is Symo’s Article, Kelvin’s art

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