The Sailing Ship (Doro)

Once upon a time, a boy named Suguta lived with his parents near a shore. Suguta was a simple boy who followed his parent’s commands, no matter how harsh they were, “Wash utensils!” he did, “mob the floor!” he did, “it’s raining, but we do not have a meal for supper, go and fish!” he did. He never complained or rubbed his shoulders.


One day he was sent to the lake by her parents to catch fish for supper. He took his fishing rod and went to his boat that he had nick-named the Sailing Ship. He threw his rod to the lake and waited. He waited and waited, but he caught no fish.


He sat waiting and waiting, but he caught no fish. Darkness had started to take down the whole lake. He never knew what he was to do next. He had to go home with a meal for his parents to eat. He started crying and feeling sad for himself, suddenly a mermaid emerged from the water.


It was a girl. Her name was Niki. Niki asked him, “Suguta, why are you crying?” he answered, “I have not caught any fish, and my parents are waiting for me at home. They want to fish for supper,” Niki looked at him sadly. She knew Suguta was in deep trouble. She knew that he loved his parents so much. Niki asked him, “what do you wish for if you had one wish. A wish to make you happy?”


Suguta crying as he knelt on the boat, spoke out, “I wish my parents to love me as much as I love them” Niki smiled and told Suguta, “go back home!” and she swam away. Suguta took his fishing rod, placed it on his boat, and rode it back home. Reaching home, he found his parents crying. His mother came running and hugging him, “We are sorry, we will never send you to the lake to fish. We thought that we will never see you again,” but he wanted to go back to the lake later and tell Niki thank you.

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