The Role Model;Martin Luther (Bard Mwendwa)

With a sense of wisdom, he ignited their freedom,
Visions burnt to a doom, he set them off to bloom,
He spoke of transparency, shattered away the conspiracy, 
Living a life of integrity, he broke the chains to prosperity
By his generous forms of charity,
He spoke of freedom

Left us with wisdom,
He spoke of a better tomorrow, now he’s no more
Lying by the willow, Under the sun’s shadow, 
His legacy is well thought
His dream was best brought,
He spoke of justice and by so,
He necessitated peace, Offered us a glow 
And the best show, 
He spoke, the world woke,
Martin Luther King Jr Spoke like a superior 
Fighting for the inferior Setting first our sole desire
For peace to acquire.
Now we all talk of him,
Look up to him, A model for many
An icon for any,Priceless are his deeds
But remembered are his actions,
Jr is and ever will be in role
His dream did rule. 

Here is Sincere’s Article, Dennis’s Art

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