The Role Model (Sincere)

You see, the term role model can be very vast. So many people have so many in mind after the question is asked who there role model is. From the experience I have so far, I cannot really give a specific person as my role model because I believe I’ve had so many people I’ve looked up to and adored. From media personalities to family members, it’s quite vast what you can learn form people. So my article will not be addressed to one particular person. It goes to all the people who wake up everyday to do what is right, leave a mark,make an impact and ensure their presence is felt. To those who desperately want yo live and not just to exist. This goes to all those women who kept their child even after the responsibile father ran away from his obligation. This goes to all those fathers who still struggle with their children even after their mother is gone. This goes to all those teachers who leave their comfort zones and get deployed to very far areas just to teach the less fortunate.

Heck,this goes to all the young lovers who can feel their significant others set fire to their cells and love with all their hearts. This goes to all the young families that have just began. This goes to all the people who feel tired and strained. This goes to all the optimists and pessimists ,to all.introverts and extroverts, to all soul music lovers and reggae enthusiasts.

This goes to all the people who have a little hope in humanity and even to those who don’t. This goes to all religions, fundamental beliefs and faiths.I feel it would be brutally unfair to praise just one person yet everyone is elegance , freedom, magic and stardust   in their own unique awkward ways.

Here is Bard Mwendwa’s article, Dennis’s Art

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