The Right Time (Finnared)

When is it really the right time to have a relationship? Or rather when is it appropriate to have an intimate relationship with a person of the opposite sex or in a crude or “offensive” way to many, when are we old enough to have this forbidden and tabooed act, s3x? This is an issue which has silently made young teens and even youth to suffer silently. Its not an issue that has or can be addressed publicly because of the stigmatization around the topic of s3x. I can’t tell if it’s only in Africa or the stigma is present in the world. I, the saved writer, would write to tell about how s3x is only allowed after marriage and that its purposely for procreation! So better take that chondo and sew so that you don’t misuse the act by enjoying! Again as a culturelist, an African writer, I would write to tell you s3x is a service and a servant hood act for the women to their husbands. The same way they cook and do laundry for their soul partners, s3x is similarly supposed to be an act portraying respect to their husbands thus they should not even take the least pride in it .

However, I won’t write as the latter but as the real writer than I am. Sexuality has been misused in the current day. Marriage bed is no longer as sacred as it was meant to be? Today I sit and ask myself; I have waited for my 20 plus good years to get a faithful tall black and handsome man who will love and cherish me, then as a reward I will offer him my flower in the old Cinderella like way but then what do the
world has to offer? The first man who I fall in love with listens to ethic and actually assures me the best twerker in the club is the most valuable, that leaves me and my good values in the gutter feeling displaced and lost. He then learns that I can’t offer him my flower and dramatically leaves me in the name of I am an immature and can’t take care of a grown man! One again my esteem stoops a little further lower than it was. Later I find a man who glows and glitters like the sun, he is perfect to my eyes and finally I am assured he is the one. Anyway he must be! I forget the saying that not all that glitters is ….

Blinded by the abs and packs of my “angel”. I finally agree to come over to his house one Friday night and after so much fun as we are about to sleep , my periods start. My angel turns into an angry beast and throws me out saying that I fooled him wanting his money yet can’t offer anything back . I finally recover from the heart break, I don’t really know what happened but am happy I kept my flower. However, am left rich of questions; is everyone doing this and made s3x a norm or am I the abnormal one? I can’t really tell when I will be ready or when we are all supposed to be ready, but I surely know I will walk with my pace. The world knows best, has is it really answered this dilemma. You do it, people say you are reckless, immoral and you die with regret and stigma. Anyway, you don’t you die of rejection. Which is the better choice?

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