The Promise (Niccur)

Long time ago,
I made a promise
That no matter how steep it will be
I’ll climb to the very end
I guess my promise was a life imprisonment
The odds of making it up are smaller everyday
I lose a bit of my self daily waiting
My neck is breaking from looking up the skies
The chances are even getting minimal than they were before
Am afraid of giving up
either I fear breaking the promises have kept all that long
I fear the outcomes
What if I give up today and you show up
What if I give up and regret later
What if I wait and you never come
And what if I wait,
You show up but not as you
What if you never show up after all
And what if it’s disappointments you coming with 
What if you come and I never be happy
Will I be having you to blame or myself
But what are the promises for if not to be kept
And what is love if not sincerity
Am chained
The chains are unbreakable
The yolk is now too heavy
I can’t bear it any longer
Now tell me will my patience bear any fruits
Or am I waiting in vain
just for the beauty not for sake of…

Here is Swinnertone’s Poem, Lucky’s Poem, HOME

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