The Politician (Velly)

You are probably among some of us who wonder who the politician is, well if not, then welcome to the club. Sometimes I term them as ghosts, one minute we see them and the next they are nowhere. In other words, they appear and disappear. During the political mood, the politician will be at your disposal, you want them they show up, because they know what is at stake; the hot political seat, but after being elected, it takes another 5 years to come around. The only reason they do this to us is because we let them, carrying out elections without any knowledge of the person’s background, and we have been through this time and again. 

A politician needs to and should be consistent. If they started off as helpers it should stick that way, but they ignore this fact. The problem is that this applies to the majority of them. If I had the power, I would get rid of each of them and start the political world all over again because it’s true; we do need a change, and very fast.

Here is Clien Favor’s Article, Derrick’s Article

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