The Poem About History (Nature Raul)


I live to a case with history
This continent I call motherland is denatured
Africa is pregnant with hope
Valid dreams that don’t cope
With milestones only little to achieve

A twist to understand why culture changes to its current
Why is its shape and size that rule our mindsets
Why is the mind always loyal to depression
what if speaking outcomes with tension
If history was pension
Man would crave with no hesitation


Life has adapted the inheritance tradition,
Like a river, it rejuvenates and corners
It saves no time
Its never straight
If things would work, our thoughts
We would have achieved a lot

A nice flow was respect at hand
A “nice” glow was neatness is next to Christ
Versatile is how things are found archaic
How fortunes turn to the fate
Why is a promise accompanied by the date


By now, I understand why thinking is an illness
why the bald head is a vivid of realness
why dread is becoming a cult of ll direct fingers pointed
Loyalty in the history of my mind with no clue
It left without leaving prints to hook
From Sahara to Namibia,
Loyalty I stick to like glue,
Loyalty; left because of being misunderstood
priceless is to bring it back
Being an afterthought is what holds back

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