The Peaceful Nyaboke (Newton)


In the world of peace, NYABOKE is one of the heroes. Anyone who came across her life can tell the same story as I would. She got a golden heart, very warm to melt your furious anger. She was born in the hills dotted with villages. She is the only child of her mother. She got no grudges, once you wrong her, she relief herself with a killing smile. She got a nice figure of her body, very flexible to prove her beauty.

NYABOKE is among the unknown queens, very minor in her village. When she is present in an area, birds sing melodiously to prove her presence, cold wind blows from southeast to northwest to prove her presence, trees swing in one direction to also prove her presence. If peace was a person, then PEACE would be her name. She is very cool and calm. Her word can cool down a hungry lion. When leaders are recognized, then NYABOKE must be recognized. You are my mentor and my hero, live long NYABOKE.

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