The Nightmare (Dan Arts)


The Review:

The following art is a body of a naked woman. The naked woman has a face, a hand, and a leg of a shadow with white eyes and sharp shadowy fingers with long dark hair.

There are swords, three of them piercing through her body as it hangs in the air. The nails on the finger of the lady are webbed together on both hands. 

Her hair hangs as she looks straight to the viewer of the art. Blood trickles down as it falls to the artist’s name. The swords are piercing through her body as it hangs carelessly on the medium.

When looking at the art, fear automatically creeps into the one viewing it. The naked body of the lady stares back at them. The white eyes seem to glow fearlessly to the viewer.

The artist tries to express the problems he is passing through in making such art. The pain he feels is real. The horrific expressions are also visible. Though there is a lot of negativity to what he is doing, he can pass through all of it.

To the art itself, the woman acts as a survivor to her darker self. She is immune to the evils she is accused of and works hard to survive, though the insults are always there. 

Though she is trying to survive and feed herself in the harsh society of critics, she can pass all that and silently live doing what she wants.

Her hands are entangled, swords piercing through her heart, hanging on the unknown medium, and her thoughts dark. She survives the toucher she gets in her life.

The pencil art drawn by Danarts is a reflection of true life. So many people have been abused and rejected in our society, but they stand tall. 

They become immune to the insults on social media and real life.  

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