The Myths (Phinick)

He’s Bean si’dhe ,
an Irashian fairly spirit ,
He’s a spirit,
he wails when loved ones leave us,
Isn’t he good enough ,
he doesn’t cause death but can announce and warn us about death

He’s Ra an Egyptian sun god,
He’s the god that created the world out of chaos,
He ruled as Pharaoh,
he is weary and we doubt his ruling ,
His beautiful daughter ‘the eye of Ra’ has to kill the doubters 
She rampages a lot until he has to bear her up to stop killing.

He’s izanagi and his sister is izanami,
They are the Shinto creator gods,
His sister and him created the Japanese islands ,
Izanami gives birth to a fire god which in return burns her brutally,
He wants her wife back to the underworld,
She can’t return for she ate ‘the dark food’,
But he’s supreme he’ll beg the gods to let her go 

He’s Marduk a Mesopotomian mythology,
He leads the new gods against the old gods,
They shine like sunshine and win the battle against the old gods,
He’s pronounced the supreme god,
he creates the sky and earth as well as the first human beings .

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