The Myth (Sam Sly)

Fact is somebody’s truth, fiction is nobody’s truth, and myth is somebody’s truth.

In an ancient town of Musambua, there lived two gods, Shimani and his niece Falisi. Shimani was a very powerful god of the sea. He liked people building temples in his honor and bring him gifts. As the town expanded its territories, small villages sprung up all the time. Shimani was always on the lookout for new villages. He was not the only god who loved to be in charge of new villages. Falisi also enjoyed the same role with other junior gods. One day, they all noticed a village in the coastal part of their town. They both claimed this village as their own. The village people were to choose the god they want between Shimani and his niece Falisi.

The village people become hesitant in choosing because they only saw forthcoming trouble. Falisi, who is a goddess of wisdom noticed their worry and decided to challenge her uncle. They both agreed that they would give the village people a gift which they would select the more useful from the two. Shimani accepted the challenge and chuckled. He slapped his specter against the side of the stone and a stream of water ran down from the rock. The people were happy because water was essential. When they tried to taste the water, it was salty!!! Falisi waved her magic wand and a palm tree appeared. The palms were delicious. The people burst tear of joy as they enjoyed the palms. They chose Falisi’s gift over Shimani’s. The village people could not risk angering the god of the sea, Shimani, since they village was at the coastal region. Shimani declared his niece the winner.

That’s how a small village by the coastline gained a most powerful and wise guardian, goddess Falisi, a guardian who raised them to fame. In her honor, they named the village Falisi.

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