The Myth (Richard)


I sat down,
Listening to my grandpa,
I was calm,
Ready to here the story

Once upon a time,
Lived an Ogre,

That used to eat dime,
And never said sorry


I thought with no harm,
If it’s an Ogre,
That used to eat dime,
Then it’s just a story

No! My grandson; Grandpa said,
Ones it ate it’s dime,
It went to eat it’s friends dime,
And it was not sorry


I was not afraid,
If only it ate a friend’s dime;
But it was a matter of time,
Grandpa had to finish his story

The Ogre never paid,
The friend was angry,
The friend ate other friends dime,
And the chain made me worry

I sat thinking,
What an animal nation was that!

Here is Sam Sly’s Article, Bard Mwendwa’s Poem, HOME


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