The Myth (Lucky)

I am a monster
I come in the dark
My actions are the curtain of night
I am the bat, who takes flight in the night
I patrol the village, scrutinizing
I stalk my prey, right before I pounce.

I am wiser than your elders
The medicine men won’t help when I strike
I am way ahead of my time
And time after time my effects will be seen in your village
There are wise sayings like;
“No market lacks a mad man.”
But luck lacks the mad man; he fell victim to my actions.

Neither will your grandmother mention me in her tales.
Nor will the tribesmen and elder brothers talk of my actions
They are old enough, but they are blinded.
They won’t understand that I am a lethal and ruthless predator
A cat and a rat cannot drink on the same bowl.

Fear Ogres
Dread the actions of your peculiar friend
Think wisely, of the works of your strange lover
When you see me; in the mad man at the market
Hide behind a shield
Take time; Learn and understand me
In Learning there’s graduation
After that, a gradual change in lifestyle
Avoid me,cause you know me
I am depression, a mental illness

Here is Swinnertone’s Poem, Phinick’s Poem, HOME

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