The Myth in Perfection (Velly)

The world is a perfect place. There is peace between people of all gender and race. Countries are not fighting against each other . We all live in a safe haven, no pain nor distress, just peace. I wonder how that would be. It is however only possible to differentiate day and night because the two co-exist. It would not be possible to tell whether a deed is good if the bad did not exist.

People strive for perfection. Others make it their purpose to be good people and to make everyone around them happy. This is not only difficult but also impossible because perfection is a myth. Nobody is perfect, everyone has problems. Sometimes life becomes easier to live when you take comfort in the fact that you did your best and just let the rest work itself out.

We are guests here on earth. One time we all won’t be here anymore. It is a sad truth. Life is more like a stream that flows or a roller coaster , it’s best to enjoy the ride while it lasts, try to be happy with the simple things, the little things because just like a roller coaster, there’s always an end.

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