The Myth (Gracie)

A story is told, a myth as old and ancient, of beauty, lust and betrayal. Her beauty superseded normality, she was ravishingly stunning and held the image of seductive attractiveness. Butalas! her beauty was her hamartia, a weakness that made gods burn hot with desire. This tale follows the story of a beautiful maiden, the only mortal of the sisters, three in count, who were known as the Gorgons. Her name, as it has famously come to be known, was Medusa.

The tale of the fair goddess is one that mirrors the selfishness and atrocities that cultivates upon a patriarchal society. They said her beauty was her downfall, but is this really a valid excuse? As she graced the temple of Athena, Medusa’s beauty caught the eye of Poseidon, the god of the sea. As would the brutality trait of the mightier gender, Poseidon took hold of that which he desired and raped Medusa.On the other hand, Athena, infuriated at the defilement of her temple, betrayed her own kind and changed Medusa into a snake-locks monster. Her beauty destroyed, Medusa was destined to a lonesome life.Woe to those who dared to look upon her, as they would turn to stone.

Her story, in a sad tone, is lost as the myth focuses more on the hero, by the name Perseus, who defeats Medusa by beheading her. Perseus then turns her head into a shield, which he bestows to Athena, who goes ahead and uses it as a weapon in battle.It is not a shock that once again, the gender diversity shifts in favor of the XY chromosome sex. Ina nut shell, the story of the mythical creature, Medusa, is a tale of an incredible woman, who was raped, demonized and eventually slain by an unfair patriarchal system. But for me, this incredibly powerful woman is not a monster, but a figure that should be used to inspire and trigger meaningful and fruitful conversation on sexual assault.

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