The Myth (Felix)


The Review:

I’m able to view a sculpture on this art. A sculpture of a woman’s face. The face has a hairstyle known as Undercut. Her face is full of tattoos.

One tattoo is on the upper left eye written underworld and two arrows on her right and left chic. There is a flower protruding from her sculpt.

Her left ear has got three types on earrings on it. Below the ear she has got a cross, two ring earrings in the middle and a round earring on top of the ear.

There are planets on the background of her face and one is Saturn. It is Saturn because it has got a ring on it. She has a fearless facial expression.

Her face has cracked open and a planet separated from the others is seen in the core of her head.

The feelings expressed here is rejection and the woman in the art is disgusted by the rejection she gets from those who look at her.

She fearfully lives her life though disgusted by the way she is treated in the society. She does things that make her busy from being exploited like having tattoos and piercing her ears.

I think that the girl is fearless. She is able to do whatever she wants, however she wants it and in her own kind of way.

This is visible by the way her eyes looks from the art. She has put tattoos on her face and pierced her ears the way she wants.

She has a hairstyle the way she wants and she thinks the way she wants; no matter how solo she might feel; she knows that she is always right. It’s her path to walk through.

The flower that protrudes from her chest shows how soft she is. This shows that no matter how invisible she might look she can be heartbroken.

The art is created by Felix for Madva online contests.

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