The Myth (Bard Mwendwa)

Justice for the maiden,
Daughter of the Phorcys,
With beauty of the gods,
Seduced and deflowered
under the temple of Athena,
By the god of the sea;

Cursed and banished off her beauty,
Athena was too jealous.

With a hue of green to her sandy skin 
her silken hairs turned into fierce snakes,
She was now of the gorgon sisters,
Perseus gladden to her punishment,
The maiden had her beauty stripped away.

She became the horde of all men,
One look at her eyes and mortal man was stone.

The maiden was a mortal god,
Perseus being sent by King Polydectes,
He was headed for the maidens head,
With hade’s helm of invisibillity,
Golden sandals from Hermes,
A sword from Hephaestus
And a mirror shield from Athena,
When the maiden was fast asleep,
The hero “perseus” cut her head off,
Just then,Out her neck’s blood were,
Her sons;
Pegasus,a winged horse,
Chrysaor,a giant wielding a sword.

A shield for the goddess,Athena.
Serve justice for the maiden,Medusa,
Gorgon Slayer and hater of mortal men,
Even dead,
they looked,were Stoned and won of all wars.

Here is Sam Sly’s Article, Richard’s Poem, HOME

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