The Madva Story

Richard Ondicho had a dream to grow a home for the talented Writers and Artists like himself. Since his childhood, his goal was to make his creativity be seen by the people all over the world. He usually wrote creative essays while in primary school and gave his friends and family members to read. He got a lot of support from his dad who usually corrected his spelling mistakes and the flow of his articles. He acted wise enough to make Richard have confidence in what he was doing. His father loved his art but he never spoke it loud because he never understood how his son was going to earn a living from what he was talented in doing.

Richard Ondicho’s desire for more readers grew. Many loved his comic books and were happy for him in what he usually did. While in high school, he stayed back at class while others went to play games during short breaks, lunch breaks and games time to write novels. He wrote on papers and had them bind together to look like real novels. He loved doing what he did. Creating arts and writing articles. The making of stories from scratch is what he loved to do. It made him yearn for more and while in high school he started to create a way to showcase what he loved to do while supporting others who had talents like his. He stayed with his articles for as his friends read them.

While at high school, he thought of growing his platform. Making it a place for Writers and Artists to grow as they enjoyed doing what they love to do, but making the platform had to cost money and he had none. He thought of making a network, a network where the best Writers and Artists had to submit their best creative articles and arts. His plan had to work in a different kind of way. This is because there were many platforms that already did that and were boring while their contents were too exhaustive in a way readers felt tired even before finishing reading the first sentence of an article. He had to think, because the home he was to build was supposed to be of it’s own kind. Not like magazines or articles written for the purpose of the educated only. It had to serve as a home for all readers.

That’s when Madva came in. He started to arrange his platform while in high school and after getting out he started to look for funds to support his network. He built the most crucial part of it, a website and on 2015, the network is growing as he reaches many readers worldwide. He has made it possible for the talented writers and artists to expose their content to the readers and also, have a platform that he knows will make the artists and writers earn from what they love doing most.

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