Notable’s Points

This Madva list contains points awarded to Notables contesting in Madva competitions. The points awarded to the notables depend on how many contests they have won and have been participants in.

The table above has points. The notables get the points if only they participate in contests. Points accumulate to participating notables after a live competition. 

Madva competitions happen every weekend.

The points show the strength of a Notable and help improve their performance after competing at Madva.

Please refer to the table as shown to know how we have arranged the rows:

  1. Rank: This row shows the position in which a Notable is. They rank according to the points they have earned while competing in Madva. The first position is to the top notable and the wins they have gathered.
  2. Competitor: This contains the name of the competitor and the link to their history search.
  3. Points: The points awarded are according to wins notable gets. The one with higher points has got many wins and has performed in most Madva contests.

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