The Last Myth (Velly)

We all know the story. The beginning story of man’s existence. The story of Adam and Eve. For centuries on end we’ve heard and now believe. We believe that God created man and woman in his own image and likeness.

What we don’t know however is about the woman; Eve, the first Eve or rather Lilith. In ancient Greek mythology, it is believed that God created man and woman first. Adam was displeased with his wife, and God therefore created the second, Eve from his ribs and this is in accordance with the second account of creation in the Bible.
Lilith was cursed out of the Garden of Eden after she refused to be subservient to her husband. She was made into a demon figure.

In ancient Greek she is believed to have been the mother of sin, disobedience to be specific. She was sexually wanton. This story was inspired by the Sumerians or rather the Mesopotamia’s who called her ‘The demon of the night’. According to them, she used to steal babies in darkness and she would later eat them. 
There are however no facts to back up the supposed truth making it difficult to fathom the belief. I however believe that something is bound to pop up sooner rather than later. 

Here is Gitau’s Article, Finnared’s Article

July 2019

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