The Last Myth (Gitau)

Where did human beings come from?
Did God create them or did they evolve from ape like creatures.?
One is the truth and the other one is a myth.
Many remains of the evolving man have been found
but the question is,
who said that we evolved from apes,
and apes are not the ones that evolved from us? 
I think that one can believe either of the two creation stories
depending on what seems right to them .
If God made us superior above all other creation
then that means we are superior more than apes,
so there is no way we as superior can evolve from inferior.

Life is somehow complicated and interesting .
This is because we don’t really know where we came from
and where we will go to after death occurs.  
Even though we don’t know where we originated from it doesn’t matter.
East or west, being alive is best.

Here is Finnared’s Article, Velly’s Article

July 2019

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