The Last Myth (Finnared)

We run, we crawl, we sin and we even kill for money. We have created a generation that lives under the notion; money is the secret to true happiness, true joy. They even think money buys true love. Young girls are dating older men, “Sponsors”, for their money. Men kill to get more money. Nobody is safe, not even the innocent looking children, they will not go to the shop unless you go by their ‘terms and
conditions’ that the remaining few coins will be theirs. We are all brainwashed. Not even our leaders, they are not sane! Everybody wants to get rich and when they do, they want to be richer and richer at any cost. In our generation, we only find happiness in the luxury bought by money, none in the ordinary.

The blue skies and a sunny day are no longer beautiful if you have no money to spend on a cold relaxing beer. We make very many friends. Mostly for connections to get money and have our needs catered for as we want, sadly, the value of real friends is lost in our many friends. If you can’t boost my M-pesa at the time of my need then you become my enemy regardless of how many times you’ve saved my shitty life. The chit chatters in my mother’s Kiama are all talks of how much their sons and daughters are earning. Even parents now grade the success of their children by how much they are earning. They will consider their first born son a loser for following his dream and becoming an apostle in the church and praise their last born son who is busy stealing from the government and comes home with a big car and the boot fully packed with shopping.

They are proud of how much their children are earning and not how happy they are. Everybody wants to become an entrepreneur and retire with millions of money in their banks. Nobody wants to become a good influence and retire with a sea of beautiful memories. Isn’t it sad? Isn’t it sad how we all want to find and marry someone beautiful and can support us financially and not that person with an amazing heart and we can’t live without? what if all this is just a myth? What if money is a curse bestowed upon the human race. What if we never really experience the climax of true joy and happiness because we focus on the wrong dream? Maybe we ignore our true destiny chasing that which is not ours. Think about the possible facts as you read this article. Chao.

Here is Gitau’s Article, Velly’s Article

July 2019

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