The Last Love Letter (MIC The Life Student)


I fell in love with someone I cannot have,
A warm embrace well orchestrated by the roadside,
A clear glimpse of the romantic scenes on the first days,
Your fragrance that only dictated my wish back then,
Just a touch of your soul that ignited my very first smile,
It is then, I dreaded to have by chance,
Then this one night the universe gave me,

I had you.
You in doubts said,
M.I.C, I love you.
I cannot vividly recall what transpired.
I was addicted to every tiny bit of you and me,
I fell in love with someone I couldn’t have,
My mistake cause I liked you too much despite that you were anothers,
My foolishness and ignorance in pursuit of a soul I couldn’t have,
I don’t blame you since I staged it all perfectly with a smile,
You always loved to see me smile,


Every piece of your memory, well captioned with words like,
Words like,
Before you go, take care, and I love you,
I just made this video meant for just me and you,
I hope that when you miss me even more at a distance,
In such an instance,
Know I’ll always care to call and remind you,
That love one’s broken twice shy, and you were that shy,

Shy to share your predicament on me about the state of our love fate,
Shy, to look me in the eye and tell me, hi!
I think we need to talk about this,
Can I have a moment with you, please?
But instead, you chose to smile back,
And I loved you more in return,
So distance took you away from me,
That one night you called me,
Saying you can’t stand this,


That M.I.C,
The school of life is way full of lessons,
I want to welcome you to my course, and I have a class,
You were high,
No, your class was high,
So I changed my school of thought,
Now I have a more peaceful night and more food for thought.
And you are not on the menu.
The invisible ink,
which describes visible ideals

This is MIC The Life Student’s, Poem. Click on the provided name below to view the other Notable’s content.
Manuh’s Art


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