The Lady (Velly)

A woman can be termed as the backbone of society. Although many people will disagree and I sound like a feminist suggesting it, it is very true. Since time immemorial, the society has reduced a woman to almost nothing, with her place being the kitchen and her job giving birth to children and taking care of her husband.

Over the centuries however, women are putting in the work, fighting for their rights and demanding for gender equality. Although the society is held back in accepting this fact more women are coming up and they set good examples for the rest. For instance in a powerful country like the USA, Hillary Clinton almost became president and she is not the only one.

Arabic countries had a ban on issuing driving license to women for the longest time. The ban however was recently lifted and it is very fascinating to see that they are adapting to change. Women are underrated and I think if given the opportunity, they will most definitely transform the world. 

Here is Franko’s Article, Richard’s Article

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