The Lady I Call Her (Richy)


I sat down there looking at my children as they played. Thomas was with his ball throwing it straight to Angel who was concentrating on feeding her doll. I sat there at our lawn on my rock chair tendering to my broken leg, an injury that I had gotten while working at my construction company a week ago. The pain in my leg seemed less as I was concentrating on my children as they played, “daddy, tell Tom to stop!” Angel yelled, “Thomas, lets play football, letAngel play with her doll, ” I told my son who suddenly stopped and looked at me, “You are not fine daddy, ill just come and sit with you. Let me go and pick my chair too.” I smiled and nodded.

She surely had taught our children very well. They knew what was good and what was necessary, they understood how to correlate to each other and most important of it all, she had taught them more than I could have done. I heard Thomas open the back door pulling his rocking chair next to mine. I watched him as he imitated me, trying to look serious on what he was doing, “I love this small guy, ” I told myself as he sat, placing his leg on a balcony rail, “where is mum?” Thomas asked me as he looked at Angel playing with her doll.

Well, he had started a conversation. I looked at him, smiling as he still looked at Angel. I had to tell him the truth because that’s what family is all about, “Son, ” I spoke, “mum is managing our construction company till I’m well enough to go to work, ” my son then looked at me and asked, “really? Is she capable of working with all those men at work?” I rubbed his head and said, “Son, she is stronger than you thought. She graduated from the same university as I did. She takes care of you two guys every day when I’m not around, she helps me in the calculation of our company taxes. She helps me to decide when our business wants to make a deal with new clients. She is everything to us. You, Angel and I.” Thomas looked at me and then at Angel and he smiled.


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5 thoughts on “The Lady I Call Her (Richy)

  1. That’s so beautiful…… I say to myself, if a lady is not ready to build with me or in a relationship you ain’t seeing a future like this together, then there’s no starting up any relationship if that’s not the goal.. I love this

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