The Key to Peace (Sam Sly)

Women are key to achieving sustainable peace and development solutions. Whether peacebuilding, peacekeeping, or conflict and crisis response, the international community must consider more in the meaningful inclusion of women at all stages from participation to prevention, protection to resolution, and recovery. Evidence shows that women’s involvement in peace negotiations contributes to the quality and durability of peace agreements.

Women have shown their relentless efforts in trying to fight for what belongs to them more so in an amicable way simply because they understand the pain of bearing and raising a child. Practices show that women are increasingly establishing themselves as central actors in a variety of capacities in the movement of humanity for peace. Their full participation in decision-making, conflict prevention and resolution, and all other peace initiatives is essential to the realization of lasting peace.

Living in a peaceful country creates an ample environment for the development and growth of the country.

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